Dogs on the Camino

Missing Olyve as I do, I am thrilled when I meet a dog along the way. Spain loves their dogs; they are part of the family and a respected as part of the workforce running along side of a tractor, or dutifully guarding a field, a flock of sheep, or a home.  They may be on leash, off leash, or simply resting in the cool shade of a quiet street at siesta time.


There are even pilgrim dogs waking the Camino.  Meet Figi from Italy.


Figi’s papa tells me SHE wanted to walk the Camino.  So here she is taking it slowly, one day at a time.  Her papa tells me she wanted to take take 60 days because she likes a long siesta in the afternoon.  Figi is 6 years old only speaks Italian.  She is constantly protecting her papa with her loud barks.  Even so, all the pilgrims at the Aubergue loved her.   When she gets tired on the way, her papa carries her in a special napsack.  Although she has no camera, Figi had a keen sense of smell and will remember all the scents and odors on the Camino for ages to come.  Ciao bella!!

Another younger dog, Nash, is traveling with his papa.  Nash is 4 years old and is from France.  Hearty and strong, Nash enjoys the climbs and running after sheep.  Unlike Figi, Nash loves pilgrims to scratch her ears, kiss her nose, and bring her water.  Once in a while she likes a piece of bread.  She carries her own supplies – kibbles and treats, a small blanket to rest on, and a tooth brush (ooos, she lost that in Burgos.  Nash loves the Camino and is looking forward to the treats of Santiago.


Pilgrims come in all sizes, genders, nationalities and colors.  Some are on two legs, some are on four. No matter who or what they are, all are part of the family on the Camino de Santiago.

Ruff ruff!!

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4 thoughts on “Dogs on the Camino

  1. Nicholas Bradley

    I sent you an email with a pic of Olyve and her Boyfriend Jack, I think you’ll love it. Give all those pups a nice scratch from me.

  2. Ellen murphy


  3. Doreen

    OMG I love Figi…I will have to tell my mother! Floyd would probably not walk very far, but Olyve would love being there by your side but I think you would need 60 days as well since she is always going off exploring LOL. Miss you-love you-be safe!!

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