Stage 2: Roncevalles to Zubiri (Sept 29)

Today´s walk began at 950 meters and decended to 525 meters.  I passed through the village of Burguete, a beautiful village of shuttered houses made famous by Ernest Hemingway.  One of my favorite Hemingway books is ¨For Whom the Bell Tolls¨;  I thought of the Spanish Civil War and the fascist General Franco and how Spain was split politically, socially and religiously.  I then made a steep climb up to Alto de Erro passing by a stone that legend says marks the length of Roland´s stride, the Paso de Roland.  Roland was the grandson of Charlemagne, and he was the comander of Charlemagnes rear guard.  I remember reading ¨Le Chanson de Roland¨in French.  From there it was a deep descent of 255 meters into Zubiri.  The total walk today was 21.5 Kilometers which took me about 7 hours to complete.

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2 thoughts on “Stage 2: Roncevalles to Zubiri (Sept 29)

  1. jim Deredita

    Hi Jim …I see All is Well thank God. I don’t know if your getting my reply”s on your blog….. I have not gotten anything in reply’s to let me know……… Hope to hear from you …Cousin Jim

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