¡Hola from the Camino!
I still have narratives for each stage, but the narratives need pictures; currently the internet connection is too slow, and I can´t upload them to my blog.
However, all is well.  I completed Stage 2 from Ronceveau to Larrasoaña and Stage 3 from Larrasoaña to Pamplona, which is where I am this evening.  I´m staying at the Albergue Jesus y Maria.  I´ve met a young woman who is a doctor from South Korea (she and I have been walking together for 2 days), then we met Chew from Taiwan yesterday and he walked with us today,  Chew is a computer programmer.  Others I´ve encounted and walked with:  Brother Tony from Australia (a Marist brother), an artist from Spain who sketched my portrait (I have it with me), a young couple from Poland, a guy from India who is a vegetarian and who made Indian food for me one night, many French people, and of course some Americans.
Your world changes when you are on the Camino:  you travel from one place to another wondering where you will sleep.  When you find a place, will it have hot water, will you be able to wash some clothes out, and will they dry by the next day.  You wonder about the weather:  will it be hot, cold, rainy, windy – all issues that must be considered before  you walk out the door in the morning.  And on the long stretches you hope you have enough water to drink, and some food to munch.  When your feet hurt, you stop, take off your shoes and socks and let them breathe, then  you start again.  And when your backpack becomes too heavy in the 6th hour of your walk, you can´t ask anyone to help you, because they have their own packs to carry. So you must continue – at times when your entire body wants to scream – or  you may not find a bed that´s available when  you reach your next destination.  These are very different concerns than the ones I deal with back home.
Helping others and being helped is important on the Camino.  I find myself doing both.  I think that´s a good thing.
!Hasta luego¡
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6 thoughts on “

  1. Ellen

    Sounds like an amazing adventure!! So happy to see and hear about the updates!!

  2. jim Deredita

    hey got your message tonight ,it’s the 30th in the eve. You sound tired ,,,i’m sure you are ,,,,we’re thinking of you ….be safe …Cousin Jim

  3. jim Deredita

    please let me know your getting my messages ………Jim

  4. Scott

    Jim we are loving reading about your trip.. You’re in our prayers. We love you.

    Scott And Malena

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