Je suis en France!!

I arrived safely in Paris, took the Metro to Gare Montparnasse, and I am waiting for the train to St. Jean PdP in 2 hours. Open Skies – British Airways – great airline. When I thought the flight attendants were giving us leather-bound menus, they were actually distributing iPads to every passenger. Very cool! The iPads were preloaded with movies, TV shows, games and ‘factumentaries’. And they served me a veggie dinner and breskfast. The down side: we flew into a storm over the north Atlantic – white-knuckle syndrome; I still have bead marks embedded in my right hand as I cluched my rosaries – bargaining with God to let me live. I promised I would walk the last 100 kilometers barefoot. (I crossed my fingers – I hope God didn’t see that).

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6 thoughts on “Je suis en France!!

  1. jim Deredita

    wow what a great idea ,,,Ipads pre-loaded …….. Looking forward to your mail……….Jim

  2. David O'Connor

    Enjoy your journey and be safe. Look forward to the posts.

  3. Mike and Cindy

    Best Wishes Jim- We can’t wait to hear more of your adventures!!


    Jim,so far it’s a novel,the journey sounds incredible,and exciting,so much to see and feel,as you tour the country-side.

  5. Nicholas Bradley

    Jim, I spoke with your nephew today. Olyve is doing great! He passed the blog along to me. I just read it and the chills won’t go away, I couldn’t imagine. I hope it was all you thought it would be. Olyve can’t wait to see you!

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